How might we leverage art, science, and contemplative arts to reconnect people with nature and to help save the bees?

The Hudson Valley Bee Habitat was founded in 2016 when three artists: Emily Puthoff, Elena Sniezek, and Jennifer Woodin, asked this very question.

Our mission is to utilize our expertise as artists, designers, and mindful educators to pollinate public engagement with bees, the environment, and each other in order to help both humans and bees thrive. 


Emily Puthoff is a sculptor, bee habitat designer, art educator for over twenty years, and beekeeper. When she took up beekeeping 'by accident' a few years ago, she rediscovered the beauty and wonder of the natural world and she committed to leveraging her creativity to save the bees. Emily is a 2016-2017 National Arts Strategies Creative Community Fellow, 2017-2018 Good Work Institute Fellow and a 2017-2018 Sustainability Faculty Fellow at SUNY New Paltz, where she heads the Sculpture Program.


Elena Sniezek is an artist, educator, and beekeeper. She has over twenty years experience as a teaching artist (Pre-K to College) in Chicago, Arizona, and New York. As a resident of Kingston since 2005, Elena is excited to collaborate with educators, youth and community members with projects involving art, environmental education, and bees.


Jennifer Woodin is an artist, bee habitat designer, art educator, bee-keeper, and meditation teacher. She also a mindfulness meditation teacher, with a global community aspiring to awaken kindness, goodness, and wisdom within society. Jennifer’s creative practice works to reconnect us to our natural world, each other and ourselves, through socially-engaged art practices and contemplative social innovations, helping to foster a vibrant society.